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Muzica Get Well Soon

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Get Well Soon
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Nr.  Titlu melodie ( artist / melodie ) Album Timp

1. Get Well Soon - You're Using All Your Senses, Just For Being Sad Songs Against The Glaciation 4:04 min
2. Get Well Soon - Listen! Those Lost At Sea Sing A Song On Christmas Day Songs Against The Glaciation 4:13 min
3. Get Well Soon - Against The Glaciation Songs Against The Glaciation 2:15 min
4. Get Well Soon - Heading Home To The Pole Songs Against The Glaciation 4:25 min
5. Get Well Soon - It's Just Friendly Fire Songs Against The Glaciation 4:28 min
6. Get Well Soon - Dear Tempest - Tossed! Dear Weakened Songs Against The Glaciation 6:06 min
7. Get Well Soon - Green Island Never Turns White Songs Against The Glaciation 4:09 min
8. Get Well Soon - Angry Young Man (Radio Version) 3:16 min
9. Get Well Soon - Red Nose Day 4:33 min
10. Get Well Soon - 5 Steps / 7 Swords 4:32 min
11. Get Well Soon - I'm Deranged 3:58 min
12. Get Well Soon - Harmour Love 4:05 min
13. Get Well Soon - We Are Ghosts 4:18 min
14. Get Well Soon - A Burial At Sea 6:33 min
15. Get Well Soon - We Are The Roman Empire 5:00 min
16. Get Well Soon - That Love 5:47 min
17. Get Well Soon - We Are Still... 1:05 min
18. Get Well Soon - Aureate! 4:33 min
19. Get Well Soon - We Are Free 4:14 min
20. Get Well Soon - Seneca's Silence 4:20 min

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